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Some answers to assist you in getting through 

 the loss of your pet.      


                We understand your sorrow and express our sympathy .  




Why is it so important to live your  grief? 


Death puts an end to an important emotional link and what we have experienced will no longer be present in our life. The unconditional love that an animal brings us is very nourishing emotionally.

 It is normal to allow ourselves to live the stages of bereavement.  It is important to talk to people who understand our pain related to the loss.





 What are the four phases of pet grief?  

Denial: This is the phase where suffering is so great that we prefer to deny reality. This phase can last a few minutes or a few days.

 Emotions : the death of our animal will surface a lot of emotions.  It is possible that you may feel pain, anger, guilt due to loss as well as a sense of abandonment.

 Acceptance: this magnificent step happens when we have managed to let go.  It is at this point where we stop feeling guilty and most of all the need to justify.  We accept the painful reality in order to reinvest.

 Reinvestment: This is the moment where we replace what we have lost by something new. We are investing in the life of a new animal, in new friendships or new project.  In summary, we are moving forward.  




 How to talk to children?

The best thing is to say the truth, in a language easily understood by the child.  It might also be the child’s first experience with death, which is why it is important not to trivialize or the other extreme, to over-dramatize the situation.  The best way to communicate the message is to adapt it to the child's age  




                                                                     Will time heal the pain?   



For some, the pain related to the loss will not be as heavy after three weeks, for others it may take more than three months.  With time sad images will be replaced by sweet memories stamped with warm and  comfortable feelings.  But it is essential not to hesitate to consult in order to live an easier mourning.


Is it normal….?  



  v To feel so much sorrow for an animal :  yes 

      v To be disturbed so much that my days are disorganized:  yes

v That I need to talk about it without being judged:  yes 


     France Carlos, Tndc    


                                                                               Pet loss counselor 


 Author of the book 

Deuil animalier 

 Éditions Broquet (2008) 


    For a consultation in my office 

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